Formulate Business Packs

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 01/03/17 10:25

Pre-built packs resolving business challenges 

For Adaptive Insights Users

Formulate have built a series of packs to support Adaptive Insights users. We've identified common issues and created solutions to resolve them for Adaptive Insights customers.Our ready configured packs allow you to benefit from the lessons we have learned in using Adaptive Insights across a broad range of industries, hearing first hand what clients need. 

Formulate Business Packs offer best practice solutions and additional tools to improve processes and enahnce  your Adaptive model. The range of packs available will extend to everything from Integrated Financial Statements (IFS) to FX currency updates.

Our IFS Business Pack, is a pre-configured Cashflow, Balance Sheet and P&L Forecast which has full double entry which updates as you add new Actual results. It’s an essential start point for any financial forecast.

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Executive Financial Planning Event

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 05/09/16 12:58


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FP & A Transformation – What’s in it for me?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 14/06/16 15:19

FP&A leading the way

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Playing catch up on forecasting?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 09/06/16 14:10

There is a good deal of focus these days on finance leading the way and how financial planning and analysis is critical to business strategy. All true and valid, yet many of you are probably still grappling with finding a solution which can deliver the basics, such as a forecasting system with up-to-date, accurate and reliable information.

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On the look-out

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 11/05/16 15:45

Are you our next financial planning consultant?

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Spring clean your planning solution

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 12/04/16 18:35

Spring is in the Air

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Formulate release exchange rate updates

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 08/03/16 18:52

Formulate know something about the frustrations of Finance teams when it comes to getting exchange rate updates. Thanks to powerful new integration tools, we can access the latest FX updates and deliver them straight to you.

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Adaptive Insights Data Integration Tool

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 08/03/16 17:40

Integration of data is an on-going headache for finance. Creating accurate, up-to-date forecasts and plans requires today’s finance teams to extract data from many sources. In our ever connected world, data is being fed from sources we would never have dreamed of even 10 years ago. The power this provides finance teams, is immense, but so is the integration challenge.

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Posted by Stephen Hambling on 02/03/16 12:05

In the Finance world, there is a whole industry dedicated to producing and managing spreadsheets. We’ve all experienced the frustration of well meaning users adding extra lines in carefully crafted sheets, or hiding the guts of a complicated calculation away from prying eyes. We evolve and develop our spreadsheets to make it easy for the end user, and of course to keep the office hacker at bay. The best way to achieve this is to lock down the appropriate cells, and then use Protect Sheet and Protect Workbook with a nice secure password. Job done.

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