A guide to keeping Spreadsheet monsters

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 13/02/18 08:21

We have all seen, or worked with, or even built, a spreadsheet monster. There is a high chance that there is one lurking in your office somewhere. They usually congregate in the Finance department and can often be seen during budgeting. They tend to come out at night, usually with their keeper.

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A helping hand

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 10/01/17 08:24


Why compromise with hand-me-down forecasting solutions.

Many of our clients are experiencing fast growth. What they tell us,is this demands a forecasting solution which can keep up and able to: -

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Tags: Forecasting, finance solutions, transforming finance

Take the leap

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 16/12/16 13:03

A guide to getting the planning solution you deserve

You may know that your forecasting solution is falling short but is the process of getting new software delivered and working successfully enough to make you stop short of making the change?

Clients share concerns of delay, committing valuable resources, costs, and poor user adoption along with the risk of not getting the payback on the investment.

So we thought it would be useful to put together a brief guide to making your implementation project run smoothly drawing on our own lessons and those of our own customers to provide some really valuable insights. 


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Tags: P&L, finance change, Forecasting, finance solutions, transforming finance, project implementtion

Spring clean your planning solution

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 12/04/16 18:35

Spring is in the Air

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