Are you descending into budgeting hell?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 11/10/18 15:38

For many, budgeting rounds are hellish, with no treats in store. If the mere mention of the 'B' word causes terror then maybe its time to look for another way. Our October webinar looks at BUDGETING BEYOND EXCEL. Join us to learn when is the right time to move from spreadsheets and hear the views of CFO's who don't dread budgeting any more. 

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Putting people at the heart of your forecasting

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 25/07/18 18:08

There are more ways to plan forecast and budget than ever before. More data, certainly adds to the possibilities, but also how businesses are structured and measure performance has evolved. Services driven by people performance need to be measured, and traditional cost centre budgeting doesn't always fit the structures behind today's organisations. So we took a look at how some of our customers have tackled modelling the most important asset of all - people. 

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A guide to keeping Spreadsheet monsters

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 13/02/18 08:21

We have all seen, or worked with, or even built, a spreadsheet monster. There is a high chance that there is one lurking in your office somewhere. They usually congregate in the Finance department and can often be seen during budgeting. They tend to come out at night, usually with their keeper.

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Let your finance team out

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 26/10/17 12:17

Shhhh! There are strange noises coming from the back room where the Finance team are being released from the shackles of Excel number crunching and liberated to planning constructively.

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FP&A Round table Event

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 02/02/17 12:18

Join the next discussion 

Adaptive on Adaptive 

Customers and users of Adaptive Insights as well as prospective customers will find this round table valuable. Get first hand insight into how the finance team at Adaptive Insights uses it's own software. 

During the discussion the team will cover:-

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Moving beyond Excel

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 01/02/17 15:32

What is the case for moving beyond Excel?


Formulate Webinar Cloud Forecasting v Excel for 2017

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Is 2017 the year to move Beyond Excel

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 10/01/17 10:22



Does Excel deliver as a forecasting tool compared to solutions designed for the job.

2017 promises to be an interesting one. Political change, un-certain risks posed by currency volatility and increased compliance burdens, along with the impact of talent attraction and retention to name a few of the high profile areas which could impact.   Managing any uncertainty requires the ability to build flexible plans. There is a need for Finance leaders to be pro-active, and ready to act to manage the impact of change successfully.

So given that change is going to happen, is it enough to rely on Excel as the primary tool for planning and budgeting in 2017?

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Posted by Stephen Hambling on 02/03/16 12:05

In the Finance world, there is a whole industry dedicated to producing and managing spreadsheets. We’ve all experienced the frustration of well meaning users adding extra lines in carefully crafted sheets, or hiding the guts of a complicated calculation away from prying eyes. We evolve and develop our spreadsheets to make it easy for the end user, and of course to keep the office hacker at bay. The best way to achieve this is to lock down the appropriate cells, and then use Protect Sheet and Protect Workbook with a nice secure password. Job done.

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