what is an Integrated forecast plan?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 10/12/18 10:15

balance sheet, P&L, Cash flow forecasts

A set of accounts has three inter dependant controls change one and it impacts another, take an entry on the profit & loss, this will change the balance sheet and with a small delay, the cash flow will move too. You can’t move one without impacting at least one of the others. So it makes sense to me, that when you forecast you can see the impact on all three when change happens. 


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Transforming finance

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 10/10/16 15:46


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I didn't forecast that! Brexit and beyond

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 13/07/16 15:50

The practical impact of Brexit on financial forecasting

The result of the EU referendum in the UK has created uncertainty in the market and in business, and turmoil in politics. I am not a political pundit or an economist so don’t worry I’m not about to ‘join’ the debate. For an analysis on the impact of Brexit, there is a useful article from Deloitte .

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Playing catch up on forecasting?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 09/06/16 14:10

There is a good deal of focus these days on finance leading the way and how financial planning and analysis is critical to business strategy. All true and valid, yet many of you are probably still grappling with finding a solution which can deliver the basics, such as a forecasting system with up-to-date, accurate and reliable information.

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No more spreadsheet error

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 14/04/16 08:45

For many the sentiment above will resonate. Whilst we finance people love Excel and what we can do with it, we can all quote instances where inherent errors contained in spreadsheets were to blame for shocking financial error.

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Integrate your planning model

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 02/03/16 12:22

Three controls needed for accurate, agile control of your planning


On first observation, helicopters & Cash flow forecasting don’t appear to have a great deal in common. I am in the lucky position to have flown helicopters and I admit to a weakness for the speed, agility and control you get from a very simple set of controls. Ever since seeing those opening credits of Magnum (which I know ages me) showing T.C’s chopper swooping along the coast of Hawaii I wanted to fly one.

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