Back on track with Driver-based Planning

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 08/11/17 13:02

Feeling overwhelmed by data? You're not alone. Don't get us wrong, data can be great, but we need the right tools and skills to use it effectively. Financial leaders are finding themselves spending more time juggling data, than rather than harnessing its power for analysis. Don't let information overload you, discover new ways to handle it.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, driver based planning, CFO

Forecasting running away?

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 15/11/16 14:08

Learning to control your forecasting 

 If you're forever chasing forecasts and looking for ways to shorten the process and reduce the resources sucked into building them -  then read on. 

So what are the constraints of forecasting in today's businesses?  

  • The time & resources it takes to produce a forecast
  • Information gathering and data manipulation
  • processes driving contribution and sharing with the business.
  • Capability to analyse effectively 

We'll help give some pointers on what can be done to ease forecasting so you're not always playing catch up.  



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Tags: Forecasting faster, driver based planning, Scenario planning

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