5 reasons for a new business planning tool for 2019

Posted by Kate Geary on 19/12/18 13:47

When you thank your finance team for all their hard work this year, actions can speak louder than words. Late nights and long hours means less time at home can mean more stress. Long hours are not new for finance teams, but does it have to be that way and can their time be spent more productively, with the right tools.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, FP&A, financial planning software consultant

Putting people at the heart of your forecasting

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 25/07/18 18:08

There are more ways to plan forecast and budget than ever before. More data, certainly adds to the possibilities, but also how businesses are structured and measure performance has evolved. Services driven by people performance need to be measured, and traditional cost centre budgeting doesn't always fit the structures behind today's organisations. So we took a look at how some of our customers have tackled modelling the most important asset of all - people. 

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Tags: forecasting solutions, Financial planning, Excel, Adaptive Insights, Forecasting faster, resource forecasting

Growth needs planning

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 12/12/17 08:01

Tech companies are dominating the ranks of the fastest-growing industries. According to Forbes they experienced an average of 18% sales growth in 2016. This is more than double the average growth rate across all sectors of 6.8%.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, Adaptive Suite, high-growth

Back on track with Driver-based Planning

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 08/11/17 13:02

Feeling overwhelmed by data? You're not alone. Don't get us wrong, data can be great, but we need the right tools and skills to use it effectively. Financial leaders are finding themselves spending more time juggling data, than rather than harnessing its power for analysis. Don't let information overload you, discover new ways to handle it.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, driver based planning, CFO

Let your finance team out

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 26/10/17 12:17

Shhhh! There are strange noises coming from the back room where the Finance team are being released from the shackles of Excel number crunching and liberated to planning constructively.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, Gartner, Adaptive Planning, Excel

Finance Director - Not your typical hero

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 10/10/17 11:34

When facing the choice of which planning software to invest in, ease of install and usability really are worth considering. Choosing the right one really can make you the business hero, here's how... 

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, Financial planning, Usability, faster forecasting

Growth and risk - get the latest kit for modelling it

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 20/09/17 11:05

High growth has its own challenges.

Debt structures, covenant limits and cash flow need to be continually corrected and adjusted and be reliable, under the onslaught of constantly changing factors. Yearly or even Quarterly plans will not cut the mustard. Assessing, projecting and managing the financial robustness of a business requires monthly rolling forecasts.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, Better Budgeting, Forecasting faster, Gartner

9 reasons cloud planning is a keeper

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 17/08/17 10:44

In June, a single word cemented the trajectory of Corporate planning when Gartner kicked on-premise services into touch. That word was Cloud.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, The Cloud, Financial planning

Formulate and Adaptive Insights, the future - now

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 07/07/17 12:16

Adaptive Insights sets the bar high as the only CPM solution to improve it’s standing in the Leader Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant review 2017.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, Gartner

FP&A Round table Event

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 02/02/17 12:18

Join the next discussion 

Adaptive on Adaptive 

Customers and users of Adaptive Insights as well as prospective customers will find this round table valuable. Get first hand insight into how the finance team at Adaptive Insights uses it's own software. 

During the discussion the team will cover:-

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