Forecasting solutions behind the making of a Unicorn

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 18/07/18 12:23

The alternative funding supplier,  Greensill Capital, were announced this week as the latest company to achieve the status of Unicorn, that is, a privately owned startup company with a valuation of $1 billion, following an investment of $250 million from General Atlantic.

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Show me the money forecasting for Growth

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 20/11/17 10:11

It’s the time of year when you're discovering how good your cash flow modeling has been throughout the year, and how robust your predictions have been on the working capital front. Seeking investment may well be on your agenda.  Poor strategic planning, lack of good financial management and absence of key financial resources are cited as top reasons for fast growth businesses faltering. So, here’s the inside track on how to successfully forecast, so investors show you the money rather than the door.

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Tags: funding, private equity funding, forecasting to investment

Webinar - Forecasting for growth

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 17/11/17 20:09

Unless you've gone through fast growth before, the pitfalls and stress it presents can be overwhelming. So we've put together an inside track series to help you pick your way through the growth maze; offering guidance on the financial essentials needed and tips to making sure the company continues to rise rather than falter. 

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Tags: funding, financial essential, forecasting growth

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