can you see cash flow in your financial forecasts?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 07/08/18 07:07

It has long been said that cash is king and lack of it which  brings a company down. So to forecast using just P&L figures restricts the ability to see the impact of one of the key threats to an organisations ability to hit their targets. We take a look at why so many models fail to pull cash into the plan and what you can do to fix this with a few simple steps.  

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Treat yourself simplify your budgeting in 2018

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 19/12/17 18:10

make life a little easier,give everyone a break and invest in the right kit to budget, forecast and report in 2018 everyone will thank you for it .

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Tags: Better Budgeting, agile budgeting, Forecasting

FP&A Round table Event

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 02/02/17 12:18

Join the next discussion 

Adaptive on Adaptive 

Customers and users of Adaptive Insights as well as prospective customers will find this round table valuable. Get first hand insight into how the finance team at Adaptive Insights uses it's own software. 

During the discussion the team will cover:-

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Moving beyond Excel

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 01/02/17 15:32

What is the case for moving beyond Excel?


Formulate Webinar Cloud Forecasting v Excel for 2017

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Tags: Excel, Forecasting, budgeting, cloud forecasting

Is 2017 the year to move Beyond Excel

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 10/01/17 10:22



Does Excel deliver as a forecasting tool compared to solutions designed for the job.

2017 promises to be an interesting one. Political change, un-certain risks posed by currency volatility and increased compliance burdens, along with the impact of talent attraction and retention to name a few of the high profile areas which could impact.   Managing any uncertainty requires the ability to build flexible plans. There is a need for Finance leaders to be pro-active, and ready to act to manage the impact of change successfully.

So given that change is going to happen, is it enough to rely on Excel as the primary tool for planning and budgeting in 2017?

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A helping hand

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 10/01/17 08:24


Why compromise with hand-me-down forecasting solutions.

Many of our clients are experiencing fast growth. What they tell us,is this demands a forecasting solution which can keep up and able to: -

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Tags: Forecasting, finance solutions, transforming finance

Take the leap

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 16/12/16 13:03

A guide to getting the planning solution you deserve

You may know that your forecasting solution is falling short but is the process of getting new software delivered and working successfully enough to make you stop short of making the change?

Clients share concerns of delay, committing valuable resources, costs, and poor user adoption along with the risk of not getting the payback on the investment.

So we thought it would be useful to put together a brief guide to making your implementation project run smoothly drawing on our own lessons and those of our own customers to provide some really valuable insights. 


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July Webinar - successful forecasting tips

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 13/07/16 17:02

Common forecasting issues

This Month we'll be running a webinar on 19th July for finance teams and leaders who are looking to get a more successful forecasting model working for their business. We'll identify common issues when building a forecast, and some learning tips on how to overcome them.

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Tags: common issues, cut forecasting cycles, Events, Forecasting, forecasting tips, improve quality, problem with spreadsheets, rolling forecasts, scenario analysis

I didn't forecast that! Brexit and beyond

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 13/07/16 15:50

The practical impact of Brexit on financial forecasting

The result of the EU referendum in the UK has created uncertainty in the market and in business, and turmoil in politics. I am not a political pundit or an economist so don’t worry I’m not about to ‘join’ the debate. For an analysis on the impact of Brexit, there is a useful article from Deloitte .

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Tags: Brexit, Currency fluctuations, Editorial, Forecasting, P&L, planning

Playing catch up on forecasting?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 09/06/16 14:10

There is a good deal of focus these days on finance leading the way and how financial planning and analysis is critical to business strategy. All true and valid, yet many of you are probably still grappling with finding a solution which can deliver the basics, such as a forecasting system with up-to-date, accurate and reliable information.

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