can you see cash flow in your financial forecasts?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 07/08/18 07:07

It has long been said that cash is king and lack of it which  brings a company down. So to forecast using just P&L figures restricts the ability to see the impact of one of the key threats to an organisations ability to hit their targets. We take a look at why so many models fail to pull cash into the plan and what you can do to fix this with a few simple steps.  

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Tags: Adaptive Planning, Cash Flow, Forecasting, Profit & Loss, solution packs

Integrate your planning model

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 02/03/16 12:22

Three controls needed for accurate, agile control of your planning


On first observation, helicopters & Cash flow forecasting don’t appear to have a great deal in common. I am in the lucky position to have flown helicopters and I admit to a weakness for the speed, agility and control you get from a very simple set of controls. Ever since seeing those opening credits of Magnum (which I know ages me) showing T.C’s chopper swooping along the coast of Hawaii I wanted to fly one.

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Tags: Adaptive Planning, Cash Flow, Editorial, Forecasting, Profit & Loss

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