Planning Software choose your weapon

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 01/03/18 10:20

Planning is becoming a core need for business today. And there is a lot of software out there to help in the process. If you are looking at improving the way the business forecasts and planning improvement is on your radar, then here are some tips on how to assess and what to look for as part of your planning weaponry. 

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A guide to keeping Spreadsheet monsters

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 13/02/18 08:21

We have all seen, or worked with, or even built, a spreadsheet monster. There is a high chance that there is one lurking in your office somewhere. They usually congregate in the Finance department and can often be seen during budgeting. They tend to come out at night, usually with their keeper.

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Tags: Excel, finance solutions, spreadsheet error risks, spreadsheets

Top down Versus Bottom Up

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 08/02/18 08:08

As long as there has been budgeting there has been debate about whether Top down or Bottom up is the best approach. As consultants it is probably the most common conversation we have with our customers. Both have their pro’s and con’s, but, until now, they have also been mutually exclusive. 

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5 'suite' spots to hit for your planning solution on Netsuite

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 06/02/18 08:19


As a Netsuite user you know it delivers in many ways - but  planning isn't one of them. So if you are looking to speed up your forecasting processes on Netsuite here are 5 sweet spots you want to hit. 

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Tags: Adaptive Integration, netsuite

6 reasons to up your planning game

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 23/01/18 17:46

We work with organisations both large and small from many different sectors, they start their journey with a common desire to take their planning capability up a gear.

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Tags: Financial planning, forecasting solutions, FP&A, transforming finance

old school systems costing you talent?

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 17/01/18 18:15

Can old systems cost you valuable talent? - lets face it days spent manipulating chunks of data and making sure all the numbers still add up is no-ones idea of a good time.

Today one of the biggest challenges for companies is finding, attracting and retaining talent. Once you have it, the cost of new people being trained as well as the time it takes to bed them in can all impact a business. So why do we waste this talent doing repetitive, mundane and uninspiring drudge work on old systems which don't do the job anywhere as well as the new breed solutions.

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Tags: transforming finance

clean up your  budgeting act!

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 09/01/18 07:30

budgeting need an overhaul?

Usually budgeting starts in mid-summer and can drag on until January soaking up hours of time and effort., With the blink of any eye, changes in planned growth and the commercial environment can impact a static plan rooted in decaying assumptions.  So to combat the aging process of your budget we look at processes, approach and to aid budgeting. 

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Treat yourself simplify your budgeting in 2018

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 19/12/17 18:10

make life a little easier,give everyone a break and invest in the right kit to budget, forecast and report in 2018 everyone will thank you for it .

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Tags: Better Budgeting, Forecasting, agile budgeting

a road map for change

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 14/12/17 08:42

No-one likes change, clinging to the status quo like a security blanket. We prefer the devil we know, to taking a leap into the unknown. This is just as true in the world of FP&A, maybe more so. So what is holding us back from making changes even when we know there’s a need, and what is the cost of doing nothing.

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Tags: Adaptive Planning, FP&A, Change

Growth needs planning

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 12/12/17 08:01

Tech companies are dominating the ranks of the fastest-growing industries. According to Forbes they experienced an average of 18% sales growth in 2016. This is more than double the average growth rate across all sectors of 6.8%.

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Tags: Adaptive Insights, high-growth, Adaptive Suite

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