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On the fence about moving from SAP BPC into the cloud? Don’t be, follow our lead. We took the leap and our instincts were right, now Gartner agree!

Two years ago, Formulate moved their successful Financial Planning practice from specialising in SAP to focus on Adaptive Insights. Moving on is sometimes hard, even when you know it’s right and it is the right thing to do, but the recent Gartner Report proved our instincts right.

SAP’s costly Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) solution is failing to deliver the reporting functionality you need. Their inflexible software can’t keep up with today’s fast-moving and uncertain financial world. Their slow and cumbersome systems can’t adapt quickly enough to the changes many businesses regularly face in the current turbulent market.

Too many of their processes must be hard-coded, which mean no changing your mind when the market shifts. We know full well that few can predict what they will need before the moment is upon them, especially these days. Deciding what reporting your business might need for the next two, three, five years takes time and requires business-wide engagement and agreement. Something that can prove to be challenging for most organisations all with better things to do with their resources.

Gartner shook things up this month adding one word. They have dropped on-site CPM solutions. Discontinuing their “Magic Quadrant for Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions” and replacing it with “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions”. Gartner have made it clear - cloud solutions are not preferable, they are the only option.

This fundamental shift has knocked SAP off the 2017 Gartner CPM report. Meanwhile, Adaptive are sitting pretty in the Leader Quadrant as the only vendors to have improved on last year.  Adaptive Insights Software was designed in and for the cloud, now it’s leading from the front and we’re riding shotgun. Our gut feeling was spot on, we saw the way the wind was blowing and made the right call.

Wooden Fence.jpgFormulate were early adopters, recognising Adaptive as the future for customers wanting an agile planning solution. We saw the value of their cloud-based software giving full manageability of data wherever they were.  Now with over 3.500 customers globally and 200 new customers being added every quarter Adaptive is fast becoming mainstream.

We understand the concerns you have about moving beyond your legacy SAP systems, trust us, we’ve been there. Formulate can give you the support you need to explore life beyond SAP.

Our expertise in SAP Finance and data connectivity help us bridge the gap between SAP and Adaptive Insights. Our accountancy and business background means we take the sting out of leaving SAP behind. If you are a current SAP ERP customer, then you really need look no further.

As a leading Adaptive Insights Partner, we offer you a hassle-free user experience, streamlined implementation and a simple, low cost SaaS model. What are you waiting for? Start climbing that fence!

You’ll be in good company. Organisations such as Inmarsat, Arm Holdings, Christian Aid, Beck & Politzer and PokerStars have hopped the fence to join us and Adaptive Insights.

If you are looking for a solution for Corporate Performance Management  please get in touch to arrange a one on one discussion and demonstration

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