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Pre-built packs resolving business challenges 

For Adaptive Insights Users

Formulate have built a series of packs to support Adaptive Insights users. We've identified common issues and created solutions to resolve them for Adaptive Insights customers.Our ready configured packs allow you to benefit from the lessons we have learned in using Adaptive Insights across a broad range of industries, hearing first hand what clients need. 

Formulate Business Packs offer best practice solutions and additional tools to improve processes and enahnce  your Adaptive model. The range of packs available will extend to everything from Integrated Financial Statements (IFS) to FX currency updates.

Our IFS Business Pack, is a pre-configured Cashflow, Balance Sheet and P&L Forecast which has full double entry which updates as you add new Actual results. It’s an essential start point for any financial forecast.

The FX Business Pack

First to launch is the FX business pack. This allows you to automatically upload exchange rates into your Adaptive Insights solution each month.

Many companies hold a number of exchange rates in their model including End of Month and Average rates. This can quickly become cumbersome to update so our FX pack automates this process providing a fast effective solution. 

Formulate utilise the integration tool within Adaptive Insights to access and connect data from almost any source. The Formulate FX Pack uses this functionality to automate exchange rate updates. A fast and efficient way to speeds up month end.  

Formulate packs are unique to us, building on our expertise as a leading partner we've applied our experience and knowledge to provide fast, effective access to great solutions for all Adaptive users. 

Learn more about our business packs, or download the FX Business Pack data sheet 

FX Business Pack

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